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Alarm clock block black

16 x 7,2 x 7,1cm
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Yderligere information Excl.3 AAA batt., Incl.USB cable
Beskrivelse Karlsson alarm clock Block is a favorite from the Karlsson collection. Made from black veneer with a LED index, the Karlsson alarm clock has a super modern look. Karlsson alarm clock Block is smart and has multiple options. He shows you the time, date & temperature and he works as an alarm clock. You can also choose to show the time constantly or make the time visible when the clock is tapped, or a sound is made. Modern alarm clock Block from Karlsson works with a USB cable that is included. The battery can be placed as a backup. A sleek, modern and functional alarm clock from Karlsson. Dimensions: 16.7 cm x 2 cm x 7 cm. Excluding 3 AAA batteries.